Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kelsa's Birthday Party

Even though Kelsa's birthday is in April, we just had her party yesterday. We were waiting for better weather so she could have a water party, and it was perfect! Sunny and hot without any wind, perfect for jumping on the trampoline with the sprinklers on.

I didn't do much as far as treats went, just sandwiches, grapes and cheese sticks. Kelsa wanted cupcakes instead of a cake. But I also wanted to try my hand at cake pops. I know I'm a little behind the times (everyone has made cake pops by now). That's just how I roll.

So, the party was set to start at 2:00 and at 1:00 I started calling my neighbors to see if anyone had butterscotch chips in their pantry because I had a fabulous idea for the cake pops. I found some peanut butter chips at 1:08 and started decorating. This is what I came up with:

I'm not very clever, and I usually have to copy someone else's great idea, but I'm quite pround of my lopsided and lumpy cake pops!

If you ask me the cake pops were the best part of the party. Just sayin'....